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Our process has been refined since the early days of Bubba Kush. That’s right, our very own geneticist was on the front lines when Bubba Kush launched in the late 1990s. Since then, we have refined the process and brought streamlined business logistics to the cannabis industry. Our products are testing with 0% contamination which will soon be a requirement on a national level. To avoid the looming day of throwing contaminated cannabis in the trash, read below and learn more about our premium cannabis solutions. 

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Never waste another gram of cannabis from bad test results again!


Scottsdale Buyers Club Shocked When Brandon Barberio, owner of TCK Genetics, Tests Flower at 0% contamination. July, 2023

A wide variety of dispensary owners, industry experts and product reps witnessed a mobile testing unit read 0% contamination when processing one of TCK’s custom strains. With over 85% THC content, this strain was the strongest and cleanist cannabis in the house. 

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With refined process and standard practices, we are able to achieve a higher quality yield than most dispensary grow operations.

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Brandon Barberio

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