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Customize Your Premium Cannabis And Create Customized Strains

Choose from one of our preferred cannabis combos or get creative with your unique cannabis strain.

While demand for quality cannabis is extremely high, qualified individuals to produce the product are hard to find.

With over 25 years of experience in custom cannabis genetics, our team will help you launch and maintain the cannabis strains that will fly off your shelves!

Work with industry professionals and a streamlined process to keep the products your customers want in your stores.

Find the best strains and keep them in your grow cycles. Get exclusive access to premium genetics and watch your sales skyrocket! 

Custom Cannabis Genetics In Arizona

We create strains that are customized to your dispensary needs. Let’s establish quality products that will bring existing customers and new customers wanting more and more. Start today by offering a request box at your dispensary! This helps with finding the best strains to start with!

0.0% Contaminants

With all of the new testing requirements for cannabis, we take pride in achieving a 0% contaminant result in our efforts to produce quality genetics. With less contaminants or NO contaminants, consumers experience a high-quality cannabis with little to no irritation. Get started with a tester strain today and start seeing the results in your consumer growth!

Custom Cannabis In Arizona is made possible by using the skilled hands of a real geneticist and years of experience.

Our quality control standards that go above normal dispensary and bulk grow operations, our team provides a product with 0% contaminants.

 Most of the industry is barely passing the required testing and our custom genetics produce high-quality cannabis for medical and recreational consumers with out all the harsh chemicals used in mass production models. 

Schedule a consultation to explore how custom cannabis genetics will bring more customers and shift attention to your local establishment. 

Create one of a kind strains that are exclusively offered by your licensed dispensary establishment. 

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